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Auxiliary Equipment

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PVC pipe WPM500 type grinder

Price: 6950 USD ($)/Set

1. The machine can grind all kinds of hard and soft plastic materials into 40 mesh ~100 mesh powder under normal temperature. 2. Applicable to a wide range of PVC, PE and modified PP, ABS, PS, PA, PC and other plastic molecular structure can be used! 3. Compared with the ordinary mill, the output is more than two to three times, with automatic dust removal device, is the most ideal energy saving and environmental protection plastic grinding equipment in China! 4. The machine is composed of five parts: automatic feeding, main machine, wind conveying system, cyclone separation and efficient dust removal system. It has high automation degree and small footprint. 5. The knife is made of high quality imported steel, with good wear resistance and suitable for continuous operation. 6. Quick knife adjustment, simple operation and maintenance. 7. Spindle bearing adopts Japanese original NSK brand, with all imported oil seals, if normal maintenance, can be used for 3-4 years!

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SWP-360 plastic crusher

Price: 1500 USD ($)/Set

SWP crusher is mainly used for crushing all kinds of thermoplastic and rubber, such as plastic profile, pipe, rod, wire, film, waste rubber products.Granular material can be directly used for injection molding and extrusion. 1. Equipped with safety switch to ensure the safety of operators. 2. The screen is removable and easy to clean. 3. Sound insulation, low noise. 4. Can be customized according to customer requirements, change the size of the tool, screen, feed port. 5. The blade is made of imported alloy, which can be used repeatedly for a long time.

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PE Water Hose Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Range of application Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is widely used in: mobile phone shell welding, lamps, toys, chargers, CF card, battery shell welding, U disk, SD card welding, welding the weld, bluetooth, USB connectors, folders, welding, welding, kitchen utensils and appliances, watches, mobile phone accessories, welding, king soft brush welding, folding box, PP hollow plate welding, the cap welding, ink cartridges, hangers..And so on plastic products welding.


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